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singer-songwriter songwriting coach & founder

Hi, I’m Charlotte Yates. I’m a singer-songwriter, a songwriting coach and the founder of Songwriting School where each week I teach songwriting, online in real time.
Not sure where to start?

There’s a ton of reasons to write your first song – from wanting something special to play at your brother’s wedding to being inspired by the songs you thrash on your playlist or dreaming of hearing your music played live at your favourite venue. Or just feeling the urge!

Learning the basics can kickstart you. You’ll write better, faster and with a great deal less hassle than reinventing the wheel.

​Don’t know where to start? Start something good, right here!

​ Welcome to Songwriting School!


As a songwriting coach, I work with songwriters from all over the world who experience this issue. They can find it hard to finish songs to the standard they’re comfortable with. They feel frustrated and drained by their lack of progress and overwhelmed by conflicting information available on the internet. Or they know something’s not quite right and aren’t sure what the next step should be.

What if there was an easier way to write songs without having to drum up gallons of willpower? Songs you actually like, that don’t sound boring or unoriginal. Songs that say what you want to say, the way you want it.

The good news is there is a solution.

​​Regular, songwriting lessons with constructive feedback, in a supportive interactive environment that you can access every week, from the privacy of your own home or tour bus!

That’s Songwriting School.

The weekly deliverables has really helped me to lighten up on the perfectionism and just work at the songs. This course gives me a sense of living a creative life because I’m actually writing – not just thinking about writing
​ J Mclean, New Plymouth

Do you struggle with lyrics?

Many songwriters find it challenging to write fresh and compelling lyrics. They’re put off by bad press about pop song lyrics and complain about how easy it is to write cheese.

But without lyrics, you don’t actually have a song. Lyrics are mission critical to a song’s accessibility and longevity. Because the copyright of a song is 50% lyric and 50 % melody, I think it’s worth spending equal time on both lyrics AND music.

​Whether you collaborate or write solo, there’s so much useful information you can readily learn and put into practice. This will improve the impact of your songs, and when you collaborate, let you confidently take your seat at the songwriting table.

But don’t you have to be talented?

Talent is only part of the picture. You may not actually know the full extent of your creativity. You may have put your dreams to one side and want to reconnect with your music. What we do know is that creativity can be encouraged and fostered.

​Songwriting School concentrates on building a firm foundation of songwriting technique, knowledge and encouragement to give you the best shot for your ideas and your abilities to flourish.

Do you have to play an instrument well?

Technically, no. Some skills on an instrument will help, but songwriting requires a different approach and skill set. You may have more ability as a songwriter than you think.

I’ve worked with highly experienced singers, guitarists, drummers and other great musicians to help them develop their own material.

​Being a terrific musician doesn’t necessarily mean you are automatically a terrific songwriter. But great musicians understand the value of regular, supportive tuition when diving deep into a new field of music.

Do your songs suck?

Well, they might! But the good thing is you’re aware enough to ask the question! Chances are not all of your songs will suck, or at least, not completely.

The solution is knowing what will help your songs connect with an audience.

​No one is a genius 24/7. But rather than stay in ‘suction’, learn how to upgrade all aspects your songwriting overtime. Songwriting School will teach you to write songs you’re truly proud of.

Will Songwriting School make me a star?

​That’s not something anyone can really guarantee.
What I do know is that great music will always find a willing audience.
​Writing the best songs you can is a solid start!

‘I have built up a resource of songs like I’ve never had before.’
​R Hird, Wellington

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Songwriting School is operated by Charlotte Yates’ company, Charlotte Yates Productions Ltd. It’s an online subscription service where subscribers access in person weekly songwriting teaching sessions all year round. Please ring or email me for any inquiries.